Ghost Note Agency: The Power of Diversity


Diversity, impact and resilience are recurring themes in the life and work of Adeleke “Ade” Omitowoju.

His focus on creating an impact and promoting diversity led to his position of Co-Founder & CFO of Ghost Note Agency, a full service digital and creative firm, and founder of Technoir, an organization founded to showcase, fund and celebrate diverse companies and ideas.

With Ghost Note, Omitowoju knows he has done his job when he is able to make a difference.

“We measure our impact by our clients. We are here because of them and we are here for them. If we can amplify their efforts, build their audiences, grow revenue or make a difference in their communities, we have done our work,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note’s impact measurement delves deeper than transactions, conversions or following for their client’s work.

“Bonds and relationships are organic and have to be authentic. That’s why we try our best to work with clients in industries that we understand and can effectively deliver value. The bits and bites of digital do bring in the measurements such as social and web but our goal is to make sure that our client’s brands are top of mind of the people they are trying to reach. That is what a bond is about… Beyond the transactional,” Omitowoju said.

There is a constant changing process to differentiate Ghost Note from the growing digital agency community.

“I come from a business background and every day and every week we are evolving. We are defined by our experiences and there is no playbook for competing in this space. We combine intuition, drive and passion,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note is currently looking for new talent to push the boundaries and provide more value to their clients.

“We are looking for creative self-starters who are passionate about marketing, communications, creative and communities. Generally, hard skills can be taught but soft skills are so essential in making sure you can connect and collaborate with people of all demographics. The unicorn candidates are hard to find but being in DC (a city of diversity), puts is in a good position to find the right fit,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note is in a great position to focus on building their team incorporating diversity of gender, race, culture, thinking and belief.

“It’s proven that diverse companies make more money and stay in business longer… So it’s safe to say diversity is very important to us. Being a company founded by four black male millennials puts us in the position to broaden our spectrum as we seek to onboard new talent (things get intense sometimes with 4 guys in an office). We have worked with people of all backgrounds and are amazed at how diverse worldviews and cosmologies can bring so much value to the creative process,” Omitowoju said.

Omitowoju shares his experience and perspective on diversity and entrepreneurship panels. He feels it’s essential to be prepared for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

“It’s a marathon. There are small hiccups and failures along the way, they are a part of the path. You have to become emotionally resilient.”

He emphasizes making “measured decisions” before taking a leap into the unknown.

“You have to know yourself. Know who you are when you’re stripped of everything. It’s feast or famine. When it’s feast you can keep moving. When it’s famine, you have to ask are you able to navigate through that intelligently,” Omitowoju said.

He says you shouldn’t let anything, including fear inhibit your ability to be your true self.

“Don’t be afraid of anybody. You should be your true self regardless of your environment.  I had dreads in business school,” Omitowoju said.

The St. Thomas native brings his own authenticity to his work with Ghost Note and Technoir. He started Technoir to become a vehicle for entrepreneurs of color.

“We (Ghost Note) saw that there weren’t more people in the space that looked like us. We knew there were black and brown entrepreneurs tackling the issues. We had 500+ people at the first event. We wanted to create a platform where people with tangible solutions could be seen. Technoir has become something of a vehicle for the audience,” Omitowoju said.

It’s not all serious at Technoir events, 2015’s “Technoir 24” included workshops at General Assembly, Lobby Day on Capitol Hill and concluded with their Innovator’s Classic, a pitch competition and networking mashup.

“We want to have fun. It’s a large tech culturally driven celebration of black and brown entrepreneurs. It’s a big party. It was built in that way to provide more value to our community. There aren’t channels and mediums for that audience. Technoir partners and supporters are also able to take action,” Omitowoju said.

If you’re interested in working for or with Ghost Note Agency you can visit their website at You can find out more about Technoir on their website at

Babatunde Ogunfemi & Channels App: Taking it Day by Day

Balancing and taking it day by day are two concepts that are instrumental in the life and work of Babatunde “Tunde” Ogunfemi.

It was between balancing work and side projects that Ogunfemi became the Co-Founder of Channels, after creating the location-based group chat application that is a one-stop shop for posting, finding and chatting anonymously along with his roommate.

“My roommate and I were bored and felt like we were inside too much. We knew there were a lot of things to do, but wondered about, how do you know where to go to connect with others. We were bored on a Saturday afternoon and thought let’s make something,” Ogunfemi said.

Within two weeks they had their first iteration of Channels and it was called WAM an acronym for Who’s Around Me. In about a month and a half they had a Android and iOS app.

“The app wasn’t as intuitive as we wanted. There was no way to interact in the app. We wanted to include chat and we redesigned the app around chat,” Ogunfemi said.

Once, the app was relaunched as Channels it focused on anonymous location based group chats.

The idea stemmed from finding events or activities by their tags, and popularity which is based on seeing clusters of people in that area. We want (channels) to be a place where you can explore a new area and not have to worry about sharing personal information. We want to make it’s straightforward and useful,” Ogunfemi said.

When every user agreement you sign makes you more and more aware of the data you’re giving away, the channels app has removed the privacy barrier.

“We just want to give people an easy way, with no hidden schemes and with actual anonymity, to connect and share with friends and people of similar interests around the world. It’s important because everyone is so worried these days about their privacy but want more ways to connect with people for various reasons without giving up this privacy,” Ogunfemi said.

Babatunde Ogunfemi at Generation-Next office/Photo Courtesy of Getur Conway

The Scotch Plains, New Jersey native has juggled work with InnerCircle and Government Contracting, while he has pursued entrepreneurship and describes it as the American dream, but passion is a better motivation than money.

“Creating a start up is the new American Dream, so everyone wants to start one which is great, but I do believe that success only comes long term to those who are passionate about what they're building, so you'll only be successful with your start up if you have something you’re passionate about, rather than trying to come up with a problem just to create a start up and get rich,” Ogunfemi said.

He has worked to maintain balance between work and play throughout his everyday hustle.

“I generally wake up around 8, reply to some emails, head to my 9-5 job, return home to work on either a personal project, client project or part time job work until 8:30pm, head to my Kung-Fu class until 10, return home to continue working most likely or if it’s an easier day will then relax with some games, tv or working on some music, then head to bed,” Ogunfemi said.

When he’s not working and practicing martial arts, Ogunfemi spends his time working as a catalyst to help others.

I more so just make myself available to those I already know or meet in anyway I can help, and when I'm approached with something I have no expertise in I still make sure to give an effective response,” Ogunfemi said.

Motivated by the quote, “If you’re going to start something you might as well finish it.” Ogunfemi is focused on his name not being associated with things going unfinished.

I just have never liked giving up on anything so believe I should at least finish something rather than quitting it, regardless of the outcome because there's only one outcome possible if you quit, but multiple if you don't,” Ogunfemi said.

He said, that in his project experience there’s nothing worse than a project failing or losing it’s luster before it’s had an opportunity to see the light of day.

“I have heard many ideas and been a part of a few group projects that as a group we end either before its had a chance to shine, immediately after an apparent failure or worse just the enthusiasm declining over time causing the project to just fall off and never get completed. In many of these cases, you then hear about a successful project down the line that’s similar or exactly the same idea or project as what we worked on, and then realize you should have completed it but is now too late or are too far gone and that just adds another regret, so in the end it’s about finishing what you start so you at least know you gave a real effort,” Ogunfemi said.

If you’d like to try out the Channels app, It’s available in the Apple and Google Play stores or visit the website: For more information on InnerCircle visit the website:

How to Take the Career Leap in 2016

It’s a month into the new year, but it’s not too late to start something new, keep moving towards your dream or shift your focus to a new opportunity. You’ve got ideas, dreams, passions and experiences you want to share, now is the time.

Here are some tips to help you prepare your mind and get your ducks in a row to make that next big move:

1. Start With Your Career Branding

Personal branding is how you connect the dots between who you are and what you do.  What messages are you sending? Are you saying you want to work in tech without technical skills? Are you wishing for a company culture that doesn’t exist in your industry? Are you eliminating potential opportunities because you are tailoring your search to meet popular buzzwords?

Double-check your LinkedIn and other social media accounts and make sure you’re not sending mixed messages. Don’t forget to share what you’re looking for, the network you’re trying to cultivate and the opportunities you would like to get involved in.

2. Touch Up Your Professional Documentation

Your professional portfolio communicates what your skills are, what valuable experience you have and what diversity you bring to the table. It definitely can’t help you if it’s outdated or missing information. It’s time to touch-up your resume and other documents.

You need to make sure to keep a short bio, long bio, headshot, resume or CV, cover letter, business cards or contact cards in your back pocket. If you’re looking for a new job, invest in some contact cards that describe what you’re looking for instead of the job or career you’re in now. If you’re looking to start a new business or start consulting, start with a business canvas to build a foundation.



3. Join some motivating and compelling groups

Preparation and materials without action will get you nowhere. Now that you have the materials it’s time to build the network and potential team for your new journey. Your network and personal board of advisors (mentors, sponsors & champions) will help motivate you when you can’t do it yourself.

Like-minded people may give you the feedback you need to validate those ideas, applications and projects that you’ve been sitting on. Join some meetups, attend some free or low-cost events at organizations you like and have some meals with new people that inspire you. DC Tech Meetup, DC Careerists and Women Who Code are some great ones in DC.

4. Invest in Professional/Personal Development

You are key to every idea, plan and project you’re thinking about. If you’re looking to change industries or careers, focus on an immersive experience. Don’t be afraid to dive in. You’re not the first person and won’t be the last to learn a new skill. 

Take a free class, attend a workshop at your local university, join a study group or book club exploring the content around your new industry or career. You’re likely to realize you love it or hate it, without wasting time in a “dead-end” job. Classes at General Assembly and The Iron Yard are always a wealth of information. Hackathons and hack nights are great places to learn and test new technical skills. 



5. Be Ready and Open to Leap

Chances are if you’ve told yourself it’s time and you done the prep work, the time is now. Whether it’s an idea you want to pitch, a solution to a common problem, a skill you’ve always had but never used or a compelling passion. If you don’t jump, you’ll never know where you’ll land.

If you see a job you feel matches your qualifications, apply. If you hear about a project you can volunteer for, do it. When you hear about a hackathon or opportunity to pitch your idea, do it. Leap and don’t look back.

It can be intimidating, but remember you are your own worst critic. Start moving beyond the limits you put on yourself and if you get stuck, Generation-Next is always here to help.

How to Keep Up the Momentum For Your 2016 Career Resolutions

Just because the "New Year" feeling may be starting to fade, doesn't mean your resolutions need to lose steam.

Here are a few tips to make sure you keep the momentum going for 2016 and finish strong in your career goals.

1) Expand Your Network, But in a Targeted Way.

The internet and mobile economy has made the world much closer. It's never been easier to connect to folks that share your interests, goals, and mission. But with that, it's also been much easier to clutter your network with connections that don't add value or purpose.

This year, be sure to do an audit of your connections. Revisit groups that you subscribe to and focus them in on only the skills and topics that are going to add to your development.

Make sure to do a connection audit, for example if your goal is to get a new job in design work, then you might want to follow a few creative design boards on Pinterest, while cutting out a few of your LinkedIn groups that message you about past interests on which you are no longer spending time.

You may also consider joining a few new Meetups like this new one for DC Careerists. While it's okay to have multiple interests in different spaces, it's best if they are mutually supportive and few, which will help you move into our next step below.



2) Develop Your Specialty.

Companies, especially startups, are more and more looking to hire candidates with multiple skill sets. But this by no means, means that you should not brand yourself as a specialist in a particular field. While a new company might say they are looking for a "jack of all trades", it's actually really hard to identify one. You can set yourself apart by having a specialty with supporting skills.

Set yourself apart by becoming a specialist in one area, with your secondary skills supporting that one.

For example, imagine a great developer with sales and marketing experience that also does PR work and can manage your accounting books. Where do you start this person? What if designing a website is more important to the hiring company than the accounting side? Chances are you've already forgotten one of this person's skills even though it was just a few sentences ago.

Use this time of your 2016 to look at your skill sets and see where you would like to focus and/or bolster your professional skills this year. Organizations like General Assembly are a good resource to take a few training courses that will really define you as a specialist, which is a great segue into our next step.


3) give your Professional Brand a test drive.

After you have identified what your specialty is (or will be), test it out in your network to see if it holds up. Try the following activity: Ask 3 of your friends, 3 of your family members, and 3 people in your professional network what you do for a living. Chances are, if you are like most people, you'll find some pretty humorous material. Oftentimes even your current/former coworkers in other departments may not have a clear definition.This can be for a number of reasons, but ultimately it boils down to how you communicate your value to others. Your elevator pitch of who are and an example of what you do is key.

Create a one or two sentence elevator pitch about who you are as a professional. Also think of one relatable example you can give that will help people remember.

For example, if you are a PR consultant for public policy organizations, you might be able to say something like: "I help organizations educate the public about changes in health policy. Basically I'm the Olivia Pope of the healthcare industry." Sure you can give them a huge, dry, bulleted breakdown of what exactly this means, but chances are if the person you are talking to isn't in that industry then they will soon forget anyway. You want to make it memorable and easily repeatable. This will add much value to you when these people can refer new contacts to you.

Also, this is now the time to start branding yourself as a thought leader. Remember that specialty you picked for yourself? Well that is what you want to build your brand around. Try to connect to organizations that need this expertise (organizations are always looking for speakers for their events). Or if you aren't the public speaking type, publish a few articles on LinkedIn around topics related to your specialty.


4) Don't Do It Alone!

Perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to energize the rest of your path toward your 2016 career goals is to bring others with you. Reach into your close network of friends or colleagues and build a small support team that can help one another reach their goals. These people's goal is to hold one another accountable to whatever your goals are throughout the year. Even if it's just something as simple as calling or emailing to check in to say "Hey, Mike! Hope all is well. Just checking to see if you made that move to London you were trying to make. I came across this job opening there you should check out. They're looking for an Olivia Pope!"

But make sure it’s not one sided. Be sure to add value to others in your network and you can rest assured that your network will remember you when they can help.

Everyone is looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, as you give back, your network will give back to you. Whether it's forwarding a great article you read that you think lays within their interest, or referring them to great new career opportunities, the more value you add to your network, the more you get out in return.

Add these great few tips to your 2016 and you can bet that 2017 will be even more momentous.

In-Demand Skills for Getting Hired in 2016

It’s a new year and new skills are top of mind. If you’re looking to brush up your knowledge or dive into something new this year, a career in tech is the journey most traveled.

Some of highest demanded skills in 2015 that are carrying-over into 2016 are in the tech sector.

According to LinkedIn’s Hottest Skills of 2015 on LinkedIn United States, 22 of the top 25 skills are tech. Cloud and distributed computing took the number one spot while mobile development and user interface design came in the number 3 and 7 spots respectively.

If tech has always meant development, this list will surprise you with mobile development coming in third and language specific development making the list beyond the top ten.


Some of these skills have been “hot” for the last few years and show no signs of cooling down because of the qualified tech professional supply “shortage.”

Robert Half Technology predicts the demand and supply imbalance in IT hiring is likely to continue in 2016.

That should be motivation to know the jobs are out there. With demand being so high, there is opportunities for junior, mid-level and senior level technology professionals.

According to Robert Half Technology’s 2016 Salary Guide, ASP, C#, Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby on Rails, virtualization skills and Windows 7 skills are top technical skills in demand from employers.

Beyond the skill baseline, employers are looking for well-rounded qualified candidates with a diverse mix of soft and technical skills.

Communication, problem-solving, collaboration, team-oriented and creative tops Robert Half Technology’s list of soft-skill attributes.

With skyrocketing demand and opportunities galore, if you’re looking to work in tech, now is a great time to explore your options.

If you know someone who is diverse, skilled and is looking to make a move into tech or to a great new company, don’t hesitate to refer them to us.


Make the Most of Your 2016 Momentum: Founder/CEO Edition


1.Take Your Self-Care Seriously

If you have the flu, go to the doctor. If your ankle is sprained and swollen, go get it checked out. You’ve got a little pain in your lower back, schedule a massage. Your financial models stressing you out, take a walk or drop in a session of relaxing yoga.

Your body is a vehicle of your emotions and a vehicle of feelings and a vehicle of whatever you need to get done in life. And you’ve got to take care of that vehicle.
— Eva Longoria

The best thing you can do to sustain your momentum is maintain your health and well-being.Put your self-care first. Without you, your business will not run itself. If your body is telling you that you need time to rest, do it and get well.



2.Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Create a focus point, process or plan. How do you determine what you want to accomplish this week,  month, quarter or year? Whether it’s a vision board, mindmap, project list, evernote entry, Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet, you have to find a way to capture your plans.

Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.
— David Allen

Want to take it a step further? Plan out the steps for each goal or resolution and give yourself a SMART deadline. Check in with your plan and re-evaluate your progress and future efforts.


3.Embrace the No

Are you available to attend an event the same night as your evening Twitter chat? No. Can you pitch in a volunteer project the week of your MVP launch? No. Are you able to spend $250 a plate for a fundraising dinner when you set to decrease your personal budget by 25%? No.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.
— Warren Buffet

Don’t be afraid to say no to conflicting appointments, controversial/unethical ideas, unwanted/unsolicited advice, potential problem partnerships, or pro-bono efforts.

4.Create an Advisory Board.

Trying to start something in a new industry or outside of your field of expertise? You’re going to need more people. An advisory board should be people who you trust, can talk about the good, bad and the ugly and keep things between you and them.

We need people in our lives with whom we can be as open as possible. To have real conversations with people may seem like such a simple, obvious suggestion, but it involves courage and risk.
— Thomas Moore

It’s important to know what you know and to know what you don’t know. While working on your venture it’s important to be surrounded by a room full of diverse perspectives.


5.Create a Community

Don’t worry about having a following, create a community. Your ideal user should be compelled to be connected to your product/service. If you’re adding value to their values, beliefs and lifestyle, you’re well on your way.

We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.
— Cesar Chavez

Think of yourself as a community evangelist-- An involved community will build, sustain and grow your brand, venture or organization.


These are the Best Perks Companies Offer—and They Can Be Yours

Do you love perks? Do you find drooling over catered lunch benefits at a company ? Are benefits the icing on the cake when considering potential job offers?

Well if that's you then you are far from alone. According to Glassdoor, 57% of jobseekers say benefits and perks are one of the top items they consider when reviewing job offers. While they are rarely deal-breakers/makers, they are becoming an increasingly important factor for jobseekers when weighing where their next career move may be.

That’s why some companies are seriously stepping up their game. We've polled our subscribers and here are some of the favorite perks that they are being offered. Check them out below to learn more, and then browse open jobs to find your next perk-filled gig.

1. Professional Development

Topping our list is professional development. Employees no longer expect to simply work for a paycheck. In a LinkedIn study, the millennial workforce has identified professional development as the top consideration when choosing a new job (coming second only to salary).

Talented hires expect for companies to invest in their long term development, adding value to the profession of this generation for future career moves. This is critical in this new age where millennial professionals can expect to change jobs or roles every 3 years. Training, certifications, and mentorship programs will add valuable fast tracking leverage to your career and more easily aide in making career transitions.

2. The Mobile Office

In today's age, we are never completely disconnected from the world or the office (though we may try). With the advent of teleworking, companies have added valuable work-life balance to their culture, profits to their bottom-line, and productivity to their work.

While most of the workforce still primarily prefer face-to-face interaction with their colleagues (as opposed to working from home 5 days a week), teleworking can be an important supplement to a company that demands a lot from it's employees. When a great balance has been found, companies have seen increased efficiency and happiness amongst their staff.

Sure it's not exactly sipping cocktails on the beach, but that's where the next perk comes in.

3. Unlimited Vacation

We know what you're thinking. Taking the year off to go backpacking across Europe... Discovering the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids... Enjoying a self-actualizing sabbatical in the Maldives... Or just Netflix binging on the couch for a month or 5... More and more companies are lining up to offer their employees the benefit to unplug and enjoy life to their hearts content by offering an unlimited vacation policy.

But before you pack your bags, there are a few guidelines of which you should be aware. Unlimited vacation policies are almost always at the discretion of the direct manager to approve as they see fit. Responsible employees who meet their yearly goals and surpass them are reaping the benefits of an extended vacation. You may have to work a lot harder to get there, but there's no greater reward than hitting the beach and hitting silent on your phone and truly disconnecting from the world for a bit (beware: your inbox will await you).

4.The Extras

Some perks aren't game changers alone, but when offered in a complete package they can be pretty impressive. Companies are going way outside the box of the standard lunch, gym benefits, and parking (is that really a benefit?), and really coming up with creative new perks that will add value to the long days.

Are you a Zen master? Well don't be surprised to see offerings such as mobile massages, yoga sessions, health and wellness stipends, and mental health coverage.

Or is it food that's the true way to your heart? Food truck days, company festivals, and weekly happy hours are making it into the leagues of many benefit offerings now.

A bit more utilitarian? Companies are padding their professional development packages with great opportunities such as language learning programs and paid time off to give back to the community through volunteering. These are great perks that will not only be enjoyed, but will really add to your career and resume. 

Check out Brand-It Media and you can enjoy many of these great benefits & perks that you see here. They are hiring across all departments.

Next up: Creator, Courtney McSwain


When it comes to artists and creatives we tend to think of the more tangible arts such as music, painting, dance... But few arts are as truly captivating as the art of storytelling, and when it comes to that art, few artists are as studied and innovative as Courtney McSwain.

Courtney M. McSwain is a writer and feature storytelling consultant. Driven by the belief that the best of us is possible, Courtney seeks to help artists and changemakers stay on the path of their creative calling so that their best can positively impact the world. As a consultant, she helps nonprofits, social-impact businesses, creative entrepreneurs and independent artists incorporate feature storytelling into their work in order to engage audiences, build community and inspire action.

Courtney has crafted this journey of storytelling into an experience called "Courtney's Idea Factory". This workshop session takes participants (usually social impact organizations & startups) through a unique ideation process that not only helps them craft a story, but also other important brand building pieces important for non-profits and for-profit companies alike. Key questions she walks participants through such as "Who is your customer..? Who are your stakeholders..? What do you want them to know..? Who is the 'hero' in your story..? What is the world you are striving to create..?" are all questions more at home in a startup incubator more so than in a creative writing workshop; And this is the brilliance of the session.

Speaking on what drives her, Courtney says "I have this weird love of brainstorming--I just think it's fun! 'Courtney's Idea Factory' is a way for me to brainstorm with people and help them hone in on their story so they can communicate the impact of their work. It's fun for me, and hopefully people walk away with a helpful storytelling road map for their organization or enterprise."

Courtney's independent writing career builds upon a decade of work in the nonprofit sector, where she has used the written word to tell the story of social change for public policy, philanthropic and general audiences. Courtney has honed her nonprofit writing skills as a grant writer, research analyst and consultant, having crafted six-figure grant proposals, nationally disseminated policy reports and public relations materials that garnered local and national media coverage. Her passion for writing extends to her volunteer efforts, and she is an active reading and writing tutor with the Wright to Read program in Alexandria, Va. Courtney received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, N.C., and her master’s degree in public policy from American University in Washington, D.C.

For more on her work motivating and encouraging artists and changemakers, visit her blog on

The Millennial Jobs Summit

“If We Don’t Find It, We Will Create It…” That’s the charge of young millennials of this era, and the tagline of the Millennial Jobs Summit — a new event for young professionals that took place in Washington D.C. on May 2nd. The event, hosted by Generation-Next, was created to provide millennials with both career opportunities as well as entrepreneurial resources for those looking to start their own business.

“We are starting to see the beginning of a very enterprising renaissance. There has been a surge of young people that have not found the dream job they’ve sought after, so they are creating their own,” says Brandon McCollough, Founder and CEO of Generation-Next. “But it’s not just millennials. What we are seeing is an innovative mindset from multiple generations that is really changing the landscape of how we see the 21st century workforce. People are getting more savvy in their job search, and they are finding one, or creating one, and sometimes both.”

The Millennial Jobs Summit featured a Job Fair, a Startup/Small Business Expo, as well as a series of information panels on Career Development, Women in Tech, and Entrepreneurial Development.

Gabrielle Jackson of the Millennial Solution gave the keynote address, speaking to an audience of job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and recruiters about how millennials are redefining the workplace on their terms and shattering some of the myths employers used to hold about them.

Also unveiled at the event was Generation-Next's new initiative "30 Day Startup" which seeks to help individuals that have a business idea, but might not have the guidance and resources to get started. The program offers consultant services, legal, office space, technical training and other tools that budding entrepreneurs might find critical and creates construct to help them go from idea to product launch in 30 days.

Participating companies in the Summit included Comcast, cove, Bloomberg LP, General Assembly and many others.

5 Fresh Job-Search Tips You Haven’t Yet Tried


So you’ve finally made the important decision to change careers. You have a killer resume and an impressive set of skills to boot. But if you want to land your next dream job, you are going to have to find it first.


Chances are most of the competition you’re going up against have access to the same search engines and LinkedIn tools you have, so to connect with recruiters, you’re going to need some lesser known job search tactics.  Luckily for you, we have them.


For new leads in your job search, here are five unconventional ways to find your next dream job...


Click here for our full article on BrazenCareerist>>

4 Ways to Give Your 2015 a Career Boost

By now it's all become very familiar to you.  You start off the year with a strong set of New Year's Resolutions.  This is the year you're going to lose those extra pounds.  This is the year you're going to take that overseas vacation.  This is the year you're going to start your own business.  But shortly into February your 2014 routine starts resurfacing and gnawing away at your 2015 resolutions and goals.  

This isn't necessarily due to a lack of discipline or dedication, but to the foremost killer of change: Routine!  Interestingly enough the best way to break up routine is to make bigger changes, and the biggest change you can make is to your professional career.

Here are the top 4 ways you can give your 2015 a much needed Career Boost and keep those other resolutions intact:

1.Revamp Your Professional Portfolio.

Whether you are actively in the job market or just beginning to consider making a new career change, you are going to have a hard time getting recruiters interested in you with an old, outdated résumé.  If you haven't had your résumé professionally reviewed in the last few years, now is the time to seriously consider it. Résumés have undergone a facelift in recent years and to catch recruiter's eyes, and to ensure that Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) pass your résumé on to the next round, you'll want to ensure that you are staying in touch with current trends while standing out from the crowd (For example, if your résumé has "Objective" at the top, you need an update).

Also, recruiters are looking at online profiles more and more now. An overwhelming 91% of recruiters report using social media to screen candidates for positions, with 49% using it upon receiving the candidate’s application.

What this means is that candidates today need to look at upgrading their entire professional package before diving into their job search.


Unfortunately most people in the workforce don't start getting their professional package together until they are actively looking for a new job. While this is especially dangerous for folks that have been terminated from their positions (often adding weeks or months to their job search), it also puts current workers at a disadvantage.

Staying active in the job market is the best way to know your competitive value.

Even if your are perfectly happy and comfortable in your current role, entertaining offers from other employers can do wonders when it comes to knowing if you are getting paid enough and also gives you context to negotiate raises.  Some employment sites can provide valuable data on salaries in your industry, role, location, and even specific companies.


Whether you're currently in the jobforce or looking to rejoin it, you must be able to prove your area of expertise in order to get to the next level.  To make sure you consistently bring that value make sure you aren't just an expert in your specific role at your specific job.  

Become aware of your entire industry and what current trends are transforming it.

This won't only help you become a winner with your employer (or your prospective employer) but it will also help you build strong relationships with other experts in your field when you are out networking.  Industry journals and magazines are good sources of up to date expert information.  Also, apps like Flipboard allow you to create and follow customized topic feeds pulling great content together at the swipe of a finger.


 Having a Career Mentor can help you make the hard career choices that only someone in your field can provide.  Long gone are the days of having one all-purpose mentor.  The world has become too complex and multi-faceted for one person to be able to advise you in most life decisions. For your career you want to make sure you seek someone that has excelled to a position that you want to reach.  They can provide valuable insight for you at each point of your career and help keep you on track when you start to stray away from those goals you set.  It's also important that this be a person that will open doors for you into their network. 

But don’t forget, mentorship is never productive as a one-way street. Provide value to your mentor as well and you will form a relationship way more productive than either of you could do alone.

Often with a mentor/mentee relationship between generations, younger mentees will find that their connections to a younger network as well as trendy software or social media skills can add much value to mentors that may not be as familiar with using these channels.

Implement these points into your New Year and you'll be sure to give your 2015 a much needed boost.  To get you started Generation-Next can provide you with a complete professional package upgrade including revamping your résumé and social media presence.

~Brandon M.