The Millennial Jobs Summit

“If We Don’t Find It, We Will Create It…” That’s the charge of young millennials of this era, and the tagline of the Millennial Jobs Summit — a new event for young professionals that took place in Washington D.C. on May 2nd. The event, hosted by Generation-Next, was created to provide millennials with both career opportunities as well as entrepreneurial resources for those looking to start their own business.

“We are starting to see the beginning of a very enterprising renaissance. There has been a surge of young people that have not found the dream job they’ve sought after, so they are creating their own,” says Brandon McCollough, Founder and CEO of Generation-Next. “But it’s not just millennials. What we are seeing is an innovative mindset from multiple generations that is really changing the landscape of how we see the 21st century workforce. People are getting more savvy in their job search, and they are finding one, or creating one, and sometimes both.”

The Millennial Jobs Summit featured a Job Fair, a Startup/Small Business Expo, as well as a series of information panels on Career Development, Women in Tech, and Entrepreneurial Development.

Gabrielle Jackson of the Millennial Solution gave the keynote address, speaking to an audience of job seekers, aspiring entrepreneurs, and recruiters about how millennials are redefining the workplace on their terms and shattering some of the myths employers used to hold about them.

Also unveiled at the event was Generation-Next's new initiative "30 Day Startup" which seeks to help individuals that have a business idea, but might not have the guidance and resources to get started. The program offers consultant services, legal, office space, technical training and other tools that budding entrepreneurs might find critical and creates construct to help them go from idea to product launch in 30 days.

Participating companies in the Summit included Comcast, cove, Bloomberg LP, General Assembly and many others.