Ghost Note Agency: The Power of Diversity


Diversity, impact and resilience are recurring themes in the life and work of Adeleke “Ade” Omitowoju.

His focus on creating an impact and promoting diversity led to his position of Co-Founder & CFO of Ghost Note Agency, a full service digital and creative firm, and founder of Technoir, an organization founded to showcase, fund and celebrate diverse companies and ideas.

With Ghost Note, Omitowoju knows he has done his job when he is able to make a difference.

“We measure our impact by our clients. We are here because of them and we are here for them. If we can amplify their efforts, build their audiences, grow revenue or make a difference in their communities, we have done our work,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note’s impact measurement delves deeper than transactions, conversions or following for their client’s work.

“Bonds and relationships are organic and have to be authentic. That’s why we try our best to work with clients in industries that we understand and can effectively deliver value. The bits and bites of digital do bring in the measurements such as social and web but our goal is to make sure that our client’s brands are top of mind of the people they are trying to reach. That is what a bond is about… Beyond the transactional,” Omitowoju said.

There is a constant changing process to differentiate Ghost Note from the growing digital agency community.

“I come from a business background and every day and every week we are evolving. We are defined by our experiences and there is no playbook for competing in this space. We combine intuition, drive and passion,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note is currently looking for new talent to push the boundaries and provide more value to their clients.

“We are looking for creative self-starters who are passionate about marketing, communications, creative and communities. Generally, hard skills can be taught but soft skills are so essential in making sure you can connect and collaborate with people of all demographics. The unicorn candidates are hard to find but being in DC (a city of diversity), puts is in a good position to find the right fit,” Omitowoju said.

Ghost Note is in a great position to focus on building their team incorporating diversity of gender, race, culture, thinking and belief.

“It’s proven that diverse companies make more money and stay in business longer… So it’s safe to say diversity is very important to us. Being a company founded by four black male millennials puts us in the position to broaden our spectrum as we seek to onboard new talent (things get intense sometimes with 4 guys in an office). We have worked with people of all backgrounds and are amazed at how diverse worldviews and cosmologies can bring so much value to the creative process,” Omitowoju said.

Omitowoju shares his experience and perspective on diversity and entrepreneurship panels. He feels it’s essential to be prepared for the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

“It’s a marathon. There are small hiccups and failures along the way, they are a part of the path. You have to become emotionally resilient.”

He emphasizes making “measured decisions” before taking a leap into the unknown.

“You have to know yourself. Know who you are when you’re stripped of everything. It’s feast or famine. When it’s feast you can keep moving. When it’s famine, you have to ask are you able to navigate through that intelligently,” Omitowoju said.

He says you shouldn’t let anything, including fear inhibit your ability to be your true self.

“Don’t be afraid of anybody. You should be your true self regardless of your environment.  I had dreads in business school,” Omitowoju said.

The St. Thomas native brings his own authenticity to his work with Ghost Note and Technoir. He started Technoir to become a vehicle for entrepreneurs of color.

“We (Ghost Note) saw that there weren’t more people in the space that looked like us. We knew there were black and brown entrepreneurs tackling the issues. We had 500+ people at the first event. We wanted to create a platform where people with tangible solutions could be seen. Technoir has become something of a vehicle for the audience,” Omitowoju said.

It’s not all serious at Technoir events, 2015’s “Technoir 24” included workshops at General Assembly, Lobby Day on Capitol Hill and concluded with their Innovator’s Classic, a pitch competition and networking mashup.

“We want to have fun. It’s a large tech culturally driven celebration of black and brown entrepreneurs. It’s a big party. It was built in that way to provide more value to our community. There aren’t channels and mediums for that audience. Technoir partners and supporters are also able to take action,” Omitowoju said.

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