Career Breakfast

Career Breakfast

Finding a new job is in itself... a job! Career Breakfast is a monthly Meetup group that meets to tackle particular aspects of the job search. Topics include subjects such as how to clean up your online profile, writing the perfect resume, making a career transition, and other key aspects jobseekers need to navigate.

Topics we will discuss:

  • Strategizing your career search
    • Trends and successes
    • Do's and Dont's
  • The 2016 Résumé
  • Your Digital Professional Profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Blogging, etc.) and how it makes or breaks you
  • Navigating potholes in your career search


Upcoming Career Breakfasts:

July - Polishing Your Online Profile

August - Making the Transition: How to Pivot Your Skills to a Brand New Career Path

September - TBD