30 Day Startup


30 Day Startup


PLEASE NOTE: Only individuals that have been accepted into our 30 Day Startup program should purchase this item. If you are interested, please apply here before purchasing this package.


If you have a business or innovation that you think will solve a problem, help people, change the world, or one that you think is just really, really cool let us help you create it. 30 Day Startup is our course designed to help you go from idea to launch in 30 days. We've put together every resource that would prove useful for the startup entrepreneur. 

*Accepted applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • 30 Day Startup Checklist & Curriculum
  • Creative ideation drafting session with professional consultant

  • Professionally led session on developing your Minimum Viable Product and market validation.

  • Credit to General Assembly Startup Business Courses including marketing, business development, tech skills and more
  • One month full access to office space locations in the DC Metro Area
  • Entry into our Elevator Pitch Competition
  • Consultation with a business attorney
  • Access to a library of resources for each step in your entrepreneurial journey
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