Foundational Applications C++ Developer Job

Location: New York, NY, USA

Company: (Undisclosed)

Job Requisition Number:46861

The Foundational Applications department builds some of the most innovative and heavily used applications and infrastructure in the financial industry. We work on communication systems, compliance and archiving solutions, charts and visualizations, news, search and recommendation systems and big data infrastructure.

Our developers operate at the intersection of in-depth technical research and an aggressive time-to-market. We not only own the full life cycle for the products we build, but also work closely with our business counterparts and UX design teams to strategize on next generation features and functionality. We are dedicated to using and contributing to open source, have an active presence at industry conferences and collaborate with top universities.


We are looking for motivated engineers with excellent programming skills, proven ability to build stable production systems and a strong sense of ownership.

- 3+ years of production-level development using C++ in Linux/UNIX environment
- 3+ years of experience with object-oriented design, data structures, algorithms and all phases of the software development life cycle

Preferred Skills

- Strong verbal and written communication skills
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
- Experience with high volume, high availability distributed systems

>> More information on individual groups and their products can be found below. When you apply, you will have the ability to select your preferred group.

Instant Messaging

(Undisclosed) Instant Messaging is used by the
(Undisclosed) community for real-time communication including exchanging quotes, trade ideas, news and other financial information. IB handles close to 250 million post events per day. Our usage has grown considerably over the past few years, requiring that we maintain a sophisticated UI and a state-of-the-art distributed architecture which can scale to the most extreme load without compromising performance. We also build a unified multimedia communications product called BConnect. We work with open source software and encourage interaction with the wider technology community by contributing changes and taking part in related meetups and conferences.

(Undisclosed) Vault

(Undisclosed) Vault (BVault) is a startup within (Undisclosed) developing a cloud-based compliance archiving service, eDiscovery tools and real-time compliance monitoring infrastructure. The explosive growth of social media and web collaboration require businesses to remain compliant with an increasingly regulatory environment. Our software, hosted in (Undisclosed)'s private cloud, archives over 60 billion messages and has gained rapid market adoption with over 700 enterprises. Our infrastructure processes over 200 million messages a day, checking content and interaction patterns, and providing analytics and event-driven reporting.


(Undisclosed) Mail (Message) group builds a cloud-based platform used for Internet email, bond announcements and pricing, financial research distribution and other communication on the (Undisclosed) terminal. Our network of users, connected through the platform, relies on our real-time performance, ironclad security and tight integration with financial data and (Undisclosed) applications. Message is built on top of open source, commercial and proprietary technologies. This highly available distributed system includes comprehensive storage, search infrastructures, real-time email transport and delivery pipelines. We build APIs for integration with other applications and systems, and a feature-rich user interface optimized for our customers.


The News group develops one of the most heavily used applications on the
(Undisclosed) terminal that provides search, real-time alerts and analysis. We build systems that process over one million news stories a day from over 80,000 sources. We provide scalable products that meet strict indexing latency requirements and synthesize and present an overwhelming amount of unstructured information to our clients. (Undisclosed) News uses our systems and workflows making them the fastest, most influential news agency in the world.

Government Intelligence

The Government Intelligence group helps investors quantify the impact of government activities such as legislation, regulation and contracting. Our work includes ingesting large unstructured public data sets and discovering actionable data points to alert clients in real-time. We design scalable search and database solutions to aid discoverability and analysis.

Charts and Custom Indices

The Charts and Custom Indices group builds visuals that make it easier to absorb information and identify data trends. In addition to visualizations, we develop analytical platforms that retrieve, aggregate and process large data sets. Our services run on dedicated Linux servers and require stability, scalability and speed.

Search and Discoverability

The Search and Discoverability group builds a federated search and question-answering engine to ensure
(Undisclosed) clients can find the right information as quickly as possible. We use open source search technologies and natural language query understanding to build an intuitive search functionality. Our platform searches millions of data points from dozens of structured and unstructured data stores and natural language question-answering engines.

Financial Data Infrastructure

The Financial Data Infrastructure group builds the next generation of infrastructure to take in large amounts of financial data. We use big data and cluster management technologies to achieve high performance, reliability and transparency. Current initiatives include: price history infrastructure to store and manage billions of historical time series data points; data pipeline to ensure transparent and accurate delivery and governance of data; data snapshot for real time access to thousands of data points about millions of securities; and,
(Undisclosed) Query Language to provide a rich access and calculation layer on top of all (Undisclosed) data.

The Company:

(Undisclosed)'s R&D department is a global team of more than 3,000 software engineers and infrastructure architects who are responsible for creating the world's premier source of real-time and historical financial market data and analytics - the iconic (Undisclosed) Terminal. Engineers are given the responsibility to define, architect, build, and deploy complete systems that anticipate and fulfill our clients' needs. Our agile development cycle allows us to roll out new software every day. (Undisclosed) has always been at the forefront of cutting edge technology. Our teams of engineers continue to lead and drive innovation, as we have done for years.

(Undisclosed), the global business and financial information and news leader, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. The company's strength - delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology, quickly and accurately- is at the core of the (Undisclosed) Professional service, which provides real time financial information to more than 315,000 subscribers globally. (Undisclosed)'s enterprise solutions build on the company's core strength, leveraging technology to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage data and information across organizations more efficiently and effectively. Through (Undisclosed) Law, (Undisclosed) Government, (Undisclosed) New Energy Finance and (Undisclosed) BNA, the company provides data, news and analytics to decision makers in industries beyond finance. And (Undisclosed) News, delivered through the (Undisclosed) Professional service, television, radio, mobile, the Internet and three magazines, (Undisclosed) Businessweek, (Undisclosed) Markets and (Undisclosed) Pursuits, covers the world with more than 2,400 news and multimedia professionals at more than 150 bureaus in 73 countries. Headquartered in New York, (Undisclosed) employs more than 15,000 people in 192 locations around the world.

Job Segment: Application Developer, C#, Developer, Law, Engineer, Technology, Legal, Engineering