Get to Know: cove

No one likes to work, but everyone likes to be productive. cove provides a place in your neighborhood to get things done, alongside others doing just the same. If you ever find yourself trying to work out of the lonely living room, noisy coffee shop, or boring office, cove is for you.

We offer flexible plans that are designed around the way you get things done. Our convenient locations have everything you need—unlimited coffee, fast wifi, color printing—but it's the small things that make the difference: accessible outlets, call boxes, and a diverse community focused on being productive.

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Now Hiring For:

Community Lead: The primary responsibility of this position is to manage the community component of cove, which includes connecting cove community members to each other, and connecting the wider DC community to cove.

Location Managers: The primary responsibility of this position is to support the operations team by managing the day-to-day operations of one cove location.