Production Associate

Location: DC

Employer: (disclosed after apply), startup

We are a new startup in the DC area that specializes in residential and commercial painting. We are redefining the customer experience in the home improvement industry. Our reputation is based on Certainty and in an industry filled with questionable contractors, We are the light that homeowners can trust. We achieve this trust by consistently delivering on our values:

Deliver What You Promise | Respect The Individual | Have Pride in What You Do | Practice Continuous Improvement

We are currently hiring a Production Associate to oversee all residential and commercial projects.

WHAT YOU NEED - This is first and foremost a role for an individual with strong leadership skills who gets excited about managing multiple on-going construction projects. That means consistently being pulled in multiple directions while you keep your cool as you oversee logistics, drive brand experience, and manage the bottom line. As one of our first corporate hires you will be responsible for not only managing the day to day of production but creating systems and replicative processes as you go. You must have a hands-on attitude and have the work-ethic of Paul Bunyan. You will be expected to work closely with our Office Associate and General Manager to strategize production initiatives, recruit and lead painters whom speak English as a second language, and consistently problem-solve to ensure the utmost satisfaction from our customers. Success will be determined by maintaining gross margins, increasing customer satisfaction, and growing production capacity.


Logistics - Own the Brand Experience throughout the production process starting when the customer signs the contract, ending when the customer makes the final payment. This includes scheduling with the customer and assigning painters, consistent follow up to ensure our Certainty Service System is executed, and quality control of our finished product.

Leadership - Coordinate and set quarterly and yearly production goals, proactively track labor and paint margins, ensure gross margin goals are achieved, maintain a maximum of two week lead time to produce new customers, roll out and manage adoption of production initiatives, and ensure local and federal compliance.

Brand Experience - Customer Brand Experience – Maximizing Net Promoter Score, ensuring consistent and certain execution among painters Painter Brand Experience – Coordinating Painter Appreciation, ensuring fair and on-time payment, fielding and resolving complaints Vendor Brand Experience – Creating and maintaining relationships with suppliers and vendors.

Growth - Recruit and on-board new painters and contractors to increase production capacity, develop systems and processes to proactively track and manage key performance indicators, become a key driver of production strategy and help assist in deciding our direction.

We are seeking a long-term relationship, not a summer fling. If you’re ready to commit, here’s what you can expect:

Training: We use a mix of online training and one-on-one coaching to help you dive into the job quickly and efficiently. Expect training for most of your daily tasks, but as a startup, we may ask you to investigate a subject and train the rest of us!

Never-Ending Development: The management here specializes in skills ranging from Priority Management to Conflict Resolution to Situational Leadership and much more! You can expect one-on-one coaching coupled with online courses to help you skill up and become more effective. Craving more? We will send high-performers to Skill Development Program (SDP). SDP is hosted bi-annually across the nation and is a conduit for high-level skill certification by our parent company, First Service Brands.

Autonomy: We will give you the tools and knowledge to do your job but how you do it is up to you. Expect flexibility but also expect accountability.

Accountability: We will hold weekly Goal Setting and Review (GSR) calls to support you and your projects and to ensure you’re performing at your peak!

Provide Opportunity: Although we are a new company we expect to grow quickly. That means plenty of opportunity to grow with the company in terms of position and compensation. Future positions include Sales Associates, Marketing Associates, Commercial Production Associates, and more!


Attitude and behavior is more important than experience. Here’s what we will be looking for:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management/related field and 1-2 years of experience in construction (intern experience counts) OR Minimum 4 years of experience in Project Management with a track record of increasing responsibility
  • Proof of Strong Leadership Skills and Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Experience  High Energy and Positive Attitude  Track Record of Performance in a Low Structure Atmosphere
  • Competency in Learning and Using Lotus Notes software
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Available 40 hours/week during work hours and the ability to handle emergencies outside of business hours