Power Player: Garrett Bauman

Garrett Bauman

Name:  Garrett Bauman

Hometown:  Vermont

Company:  Pyazza

Twitter: @pyazza

Website: pyazza.com


Garrett does Public Policy work for an education tech company called Teaching Strategies. He also work on marketing and is a member of the founding team for a local DC ecommerce startup called Pyazza. Pyazza launched in late 2015 and is currently ramping up operations. He is also an active member of the DC Tech community and is helping advise on a medical tech startup.


What is the most challenging aspect of growing DC into a nationally competitive tech hub?

Bringing investors to DC that are willing to invest heavily in startups, and more importantly in seed stage startups, is a constant challenge because many investors tend to be more conservative with their money on the east coast.

What excites you the most about the developing DC Tech community?

The DC tech community is a collaborative, engaged, and talented group of people that are creating enormous value. As more DC tech startups become successful, it will draw the attention of more investors, more reporters, more entrepreneurs and ultimately more customers, which will transform the DC startup landscape.

What's your favorite DC restaurant/bar/food truck?

Dram and Grain Cocktail Bar

Three things you can't go without at the office:

Cup of coffee; smartphone; jazz

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