Power Player: Jason Nellis

Jason Nellis

Name: Jason Nellis

Hometown: Washington D.C.

Company: Overachiever Media

Twitter: @jasonnellis

Website: www.overachievermedia.com

Jason is the Chief Overachiever of Overachiever Media. He’s a graduate of Northwestern University, a 5 year veteran of Hulu, and a third generation Washingtonian. He built OM to help develop better brand stories online for clients who need that extra “oomph.” He's pretty proud to work with great brands like DC United, Monumental Sports, L'Academie de Cuisine, and others here in DC.

What is the most challenging aspect of growing DC into a nationally competitive tech hub?

We’re constantly being compared to Silicon Valley - when we have so many different opportunities to offer!

What excites you the most about the developing DC Tech community?

The opportunity to make something that’s uniquely “us” - and not a copy of something existing.

What's your favorite DC restaurant/bar/food truck?

Southern Efficiency

Three things you can't go without at the office:

Snacks, coffee, dogs

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