The Millennial Jobs Summit

"If we don't find it, we will create it"t

The Millennial Jobs Summit is an event for innovators, thought leaders, career professionals, and students that are looking to find and create opportunity.  As Millennials, we face a new set of challenges when it comes to developing our professional careers or building our own businesses. Therefore, at the Millennial Jobs Summit attendees will find fresh and innovative takes on the tools they need in today's world to succeed.

The Millennial Jobs Summit is a one day event featuring a Hiring Fair, Career Development Panels and Entrepreneurial Talks all designed to help attendees take their career/business to the next level.

The next MJS will take place in Spring 2017. If you are a company or want to attend, click the button for information on how to register.


Who is this event for:

Jobseekers - Always looking for new opportunities to take their career to the next level, whether it's changing careers or climbing to the executive ranks of your company.  Find your next candidate at our Millennial Job Fair or participate in our Career Development Workshops to engage with a wealth of candidates looking to make their move.

Intrapreneurs - Intrapreneurs are the type of innovative, creative, envelope pushing candidates that your company needs when it comes to working in more agile environments. This talent pool may be former entrepreneurs or life-long changemakers for whatever company with whom they work. One thing is for sure, these candidates won't be in the market for long. Connect with them here!

For Creators - You are the agents of change. Whether starting your own business or inspiring others to themselves become entrepreneurs and changemakers, you thrive around fresh, fun and creative energy.  Come connect with hundreds of millennial professionals, founders and startups at our Small Business/Startup Expo or attend our Entrepreneurial Panel to gleam the insight you need to launch your next venture.

For Startups - Against all odds your company has successfully launched, secured precious seed money and is looking forward to growing business this year. Our Startup Showcase and Entrepreneurial Panel well get you in front of hundreds of millennial innovators who will help spread your brand, provide valuable feedback and network connections, or become potential customers (and who knows? Maybe they'll be your next employees).

For Recruiters - Connecting and recruiting diverse millennial talent not only keeps your company fresh and innovative, but it's one of the best ways to attract even more bright young talent. Sign-up for our Millennial Job Fair or contact us for more ways to get involved.



- Entrepreneurs, Job Seekers, and Recruiters
- 21-38 year old diverse professionals
- 300-400 estimated attendees
- Startups and Small Businesses
- Local Organization Leads and Public Officials
- Consultant Firms, Media Companies, Government Contractors, Academic institutions, etc.


Past Participants in our Events: